Beta Museum

The Attractive Museum in the beta.

The Attractive Museum (known as Action Mummy home in the PAL) is the second mansion Luigi must explore in Luigi's Mansion 9: Boo Mario Strikes.

Description Edit

US: This museum includes many artifacts from the old times, but ghosts started to use them to terrorize tourists.

PAL: It seems that ghosts love messing with old stuff. And this proves it!

Missions Edit

  1. Oh, Mummy! (Call of the Mummy)
  2. Boulder Traps (Indiana Jones reenactment)
  3. Confront the Boss (Boss is Mad)
  4. Escape the Dare! (A Daring Exit)
  5. Jump into Action! (Spring into Action)
  6. Boss: Ghost Toad Rises (The rise of Ghost Toad!)

Appearance Edit

There are many rooms. The main room is where people buy tickets. A Blue Weakling is at the ticket booth, and must be sucked up to continue. The Tomb Room is a room of mummies, and looked like the tomb from Luigi's Mansion 2 in the beta. Ghost Toad is in the Artifact Corridor, and must be unraveled to fight.