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Green Shell
Green Shell
  • First Appearance
Luigi's Mansion 4: Haunted Dreams (2009)
  • Latest Appearance
Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!! (2012)

Green Shells are green-coloured Koopa shells that can be thrown when obtained. In the main series, Green Shells have appeared in many Mario games, making them the most common variety of Koopa shells. In the Luigi's Mansion series, they first appear in Luigi's Mansion 4: Haunted Dreams, where they serve as weapons that can be thrown to defeat enemies or to break open treasure chests. Also, when holding onto one underwater, the player will get a boost.


Luigi's Mansion 4: Haunted DreamsEdit

Green Shells are found underwater as well as being worn by green Koopa Troopas. To obtain the Green Shells from Koopa Troopas, Luigi must jump on one to make it hide in its shell, then Luigi can obtain the shell and it can finally be used. The player can throw the shell by shaking the Wii Remote. When thrown, the Green Shell will keep going in a straight direction until it hits another solid object, in which case it will break apart. Green Shells always go in a straight line, and they will keep going, but after a period of time, it will break, even if it does not hit an object. Green Shells can also be found underwater, where they appear in certain areas. When grabbed underwater, Luigi will get a boost and he will travel faster, though, it will be harder to maneuver around. Some aquatic creatures can be defeated by throwing a Green Shell at them. Green Shells also produce light while staying underwater, which can defeat underwater ghosts by simply shining the light at them. There are also two other varieties of shells known as Red Shells and Golden Shells.

Luigi's Mansion 5: Curse of the MansionEdit

With the same function, Green Shells reappear in Luigi's Mansion 5: Curse of the Mansion. However, only Green Shells appear, while Red Shells and Golden Shells are absent. Green Shells are once again found underwater and worn by Koopa Troopas.

Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!!Edit

Green Shells appear once again in Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!!. They have the same purpose as they did in Haunted Dreams and Curse of the Mansion. Red Shells and Golden Shells reappear in this game. Silver Shells make an appearance, with the ability to break open silver treasure chests.