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Release date Cancelled
Mode(s) 1 player, Fantendo Wi-Fi Connection
Platform(s) Nintendo DS

Luigi's Mansion: BeWere of Luigi (often abbriviated to BOL or BWOL; also known as Luigi's Mansion 3: BeWere of Luigi) is a cancelled game of the Luigi's Mansion series. It was announced at E3 2007 that it was a planned sequel for both Luigi's Mansion and Luigi's Mansion 2, making it the third installment for the series and was planned to be released in 2007 on the Nintendo DS, but it ended up being cancelled because the storyline was too offensive and it was not suitable for kids at young ages. EEA Inc. did not want a single game in the series to be given a rating higher than E, so they had no choice but to cancel the game.

At E3 2007, Fantendo stated that the storyline was about Luigi, King Boo, and the others partying at Luigi's haunted mansion. Everything was going fine until full moon arose. When Luigi wanted to go out on the balcony, a bright light shined at him, causing Luigi to mutate into a werewolf. King Boo saw what happened and he decided to stop Luigi from going on a rampage.

Fantendo confirmed that mini-games were going to be included during its release. It was also confirmed that the player gets a chance to use the Fantendo Wi-Fi Connection, meaning that he/she can play mini-games along with their friends online. Fantendo also confirmed that new treasures and enemies were going to be included as well, but they were never announced during the conference, meaning it is unknown what kinds of treasures or enemies were going to appear, although a fake treasure, the Stone Scone, was found in files.

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