Luigi's Mansion 11: Hellen Gravely's Revenge

Description Edit

Luigi’s House is suddenly turned into a Monster House by the one and only; Hellen Gravely. Hellen has stolen King Boo’s Dark Magic and has now come for sweet revenge. Luigi has to collect all of the ghosts and then climb up the backdoor latter and kill Hellen Gravely in order to restore his LIFE.

Map (Rooms) Edit

Garden/Lawn: Greenhouse, Playground, Backdoor Ladder

Floor One: Hall, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom 1, Bathroom 1, Lounge

Floor Two: Hall 2, Bedroom 2, Bathroom 2, Living Room

Attic: Closet 1, Closet 2

Rooftop: Helen’s Powerhouse

Ghosts Edit

Greenie - Found in Greenhouse

Purply - Found in Playground

Rinem - Mostly in Floor One

Slower - Mostly in Floor One

Gurgler - Mostly in Hall & Lounge

Boo’s - Found in Floor One & Floor Two

Sleepyhead -  Found in Floor Two

Couchie - Mostly in Living Room

Junker - Found in Attic

Guardians - Mostly in Attic and Rooftop

Rare Ghosts Edit

Expeditionist - Found in Backdoor Ladder

Jack in the Fox - Found in Hall 2

Bosses Edit

Professor Venus - Greenhouse

Officer Williams - Playground

Mia the Maid - Hall

Chef Theo - Kitchen

Stone Gloop - Bedroom

Queen Lioness - Living Room

Jan Jan - Attic (Closet 1)

Prisoner Boo - Helens Powerhouse

Helen Gravely - Helens Powerhouse

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