This article is about the fan game. For the real, canon Luigi's Mansion game with the same name, please go here.

Luigi's Mansion 2
LM2 Cover
Release date Flag of Japan December 10 2007
Flag of USA December 23 2007
Flag of Europe December 29 2007
Flag of Australia January 3 2008
Mode(s) 1 player
Platform(s) Wii

Luigi's Mansion 2 (also known as luigi s Mansion in PAL regions and originally known as Luigi's Mansion: A Mario Idea) is the sequel to the hit game Luigi's Mansion, released for the Wii. This game was developed by EEA Inc. in 2007 (2008 in Australia).


The story begins E. Gadd and R. William coming to Luigi's NEW mansion and told him that he is going to move the ghost paintings to the Mushroom Museum. Luigi has never heard of this museum and came to investigate. To Luigi's surprise, the Mushroom Museum was real. Luigi called his brother, Mario was the first to come to the Museum. It was late at night when Mario at luigi his Mansion. When he saw the museum, he was shocked to see that in the Mushroom Museum's place was the same museum that he saved Mario from. Luigi saw E. Gadd coming into the museum and he greeted him. However, all of a sudden, E. Gadd started to steal the paintings from the museum. Soon the real E. Gadd arrived and told Luigi that he was the real E. Gadd and the other E. Gadd was actually Bowser Jr. doppelganging him so he could steal the paintings and to release King Boo from his painting. Soon Luigi heard that Princess Daisy was missing. Mario and Luigi went into the Mansion together to save Daisy and stop King Boo again. After King Boo was beat, the true final boss was revealed, Rocko H. Koopa, the older brother of Bowser Jr., along with the help of Bowser. After Luigi beat them, Daisy was released from the painting. Mario called Luigi to come back to the Ghost Portrificationizer room along with Daisy to turn the remaining ghosts in the Poltergust 5000 back into paintings. E. Gadd and his brother thanked Mario and Luigi for returning his ghost paintings and for stopping the destruction of the ghosts once again. Once again, King Boo's reign of terror is over and the museum was restored back to its normal self, and the five of them partied all night long.



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