Luigi's Mansion 3: The Italian Ghost-Hunter Returns! is an action-adventure/puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch. It is a prequel to the two Luigi's Mansion games, as its plot resembles the creation of ghosts and Boos.

Gameplay Edit

Its gameplay is more or less both previous games combined: You have to clear numerous missions in numerous locations, just like in Luigi's Mansion 2. However, in some missions there are also Portrait Ghosts, which are basically mini-bosses which are ghosts with insanely high HP, just like in the first Luigi's Mansion game. There are also 10 collectibles in each location, and if you collect them all, a bonus mission will be unlocked. Aside from the returning features, new ones are introduced as well.

New Features Edit


Game Modes Edit

Story Mode Edit

Its basically the game following the story.

Scarescraper Edit

A returning feature from Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon. You can play it or by yourself or with friends (Which you can reach up to 5 players, including yourself), and you can do different minigames like catching ghosts or Polterpups

Cash Collector (New) Edit

One of the new features in the game. Like in Scarescraper, you can play it alone with CPUs or with friends. You choose a mansion and you explore it, collecting as much money as possible. But watch out, you only have 5 minutes! You collect the following items, which each have a different value:

  • Coin = 1 G
  • Bill = 5 G
  • Bronze Bar = 10 G
  • Silver Bar = 30 G
  • Gold Bar = 50 G
  • Platinum Bar = 100 G
  • Ruby = 500 G
  • Diamond = 1000 G

E.Gadd's Vault Edit

Here you can see your achievements, such as how much money you collected, the ghosts you discovered so far, etc.

Plot Edit

"Luigi returns in his ghastliest adventure yet! Enjoy returning features of the 2 previous installment, along with new ones to enjoy!" - Blurb


Characters Edit


Ghosts Edit

Main article: Luigi's Mansion 3: The Italian Ghost-Hunter Returns!/Enemies

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Locations and Missions Edit

Mansion A: Macabre Mansion Edit

A generic haunted house that serves as the first location of the game. It is the smallest location.

Mansion B: Farm of Fear Edit

An abandoned farm. It is full of the souls of the farm animals that once resided there.

Mansion C: Spooky School Edit

A school, where once a child died while tripping over the stairs. This kid haunted the school ever since. Rumors spread, and the children educated in this school have been transfered to other schools, and the adults that worked there were out of business, and this school was abandoned ever since.

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