Logo LM6
Release date April 7, 2012
Mode(s) 1-2 Players
Platform(s) Wii

Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!! is the sixth installment for the Luigi's Mansion series and the sequel to Luigi's Mansion 5: Curse of the Mansion. It is also the third game to have a platforming genre. This game has elements returning from its two prequels, such as the use of the Poltergust 5000 and the return of power-ups. This game features new items, as well as new power-ups.


As in every hundred years and one week, a spirit comes by and makes shiny bits known as Ghost Combs appear. Once again, Peach sends Luigi a letter to come to the Mushroom Festival to share cake while they watch the shiny combs come falling down. Luigi accepts the invitation and heads on out to the museum to do so. Once again, Bowser and King Boo destroy the festival and they kidnapped the princess once more. They take her and the whole place became deserted. Luigi noticed Professor Elvin Gadd and his younger brother hiding in the shrubs. Professor Elvin Gadd explained what was going on. He said that Bowser once again stole all the Power Stars. After being explained, the green-capped plumber headed on out to recover the Power Stars. After recovering the first Power Star, which is also the first Grand Star, Luigi aboards the Mansion Supership, where the Grand Star that he collected went into a ball of light. It became bigger and light was recovered to part of the supership. Luigi finds Professor Elvin Gadd and Doctor Rocko William on the ship. They told him that the Mansion Supership was built as a surprise for Luigi when he comes to the Mushroom Festival and that its energy runs on Power Stars. They said that Bowser found out about that and that he drained the energy from the Mansion Supership by stealing all the Power Stars. Luigi kept on recovering more Power Stars until he reached Bowser and King Boo at the final battle. After battling on five stages, Luigi manages to send the duo into a black vortex and recover the last Grand Star. Luigi flies up into the sky and he sees Peach. He grabs her and the two of them head back to the Mansion Supership, along with the Grand Star. Elvin Gadd and Rocko William recognized Luigi and Peach on the ship and congratulated Luigi for recovering the Power Stars. The ship flies down to the Mushroom Museum, and everybody there was happy that the princess was okay. After this, they celebrated the festival and Peach promised Luigi his cake, rolling onto the credits.

If the player collects 120 Power Stars as Luigi and defeats the final boss again, Mario will become playable.


Note: Items indicated with an asterisk are power-ups.


The power-ups from Luigi's Mansion 4: Haunted Dreams and Luigi's Mansion 5: Curse of the Mansion make a comeback in Luigi's Mansion 6: U Are Doomed!!. This game marks the return of the Ice Flower, which has the same purpose as it did in Haunted Dreams. Also, there are three new power-ups known as the Chomp Mushroom, the Aqua Mushroom, and the Red Star.

Power-Up Function Image
Cloud Flower This power-up allows Luigi to create clouds to use at platforms by shaking the Wii Remote. Cloud Flower
Boulder Mushroom This power-up gives Luigi the ability to transform into a boulder by shaking the Wii Remote. Boulder Mushroom
Fire Flower This power-up gives Luigi the ability to shoot fireballs by shaking the Wii Remote. Fire Flower
Ice Flower This power-up gives Luigi the ability to walk on water or lava by freezing the surface into small hexagonal tiles. Ice Flower
Chomp Mushroom This power-up gives Luigi the ability to turn into a Chomp after shaking the Wii Remote. No image yet
Bee Mushroom This power-up gives Luigi the ability to fly for a short time when the player is holding down the A button. Bee Mushroom
Coil Mushroom This power-up transforms Luigi into Coil Luigi, allowing Luigi to bounce around. By pressing the A button at the moment when Luigi hits the ground, he will jump extremely high. Coil Mushroom
Aqua Mushroom This power-up allows Luigi to breathe underwater until he takes damage or if he is out of the water. Aqua Mushroom
Shiny Star This power-up will make Luigi invincible for a limited amount of time. Once Luigi is invincible, he has a field of light surrounding that can defeat any ghost that he runs near. Shiny Star
Red Star This power-up will give Luigi to fly once the Wii Remote is shook in pressed in midair. While flying, the player can hold the A button to stop and they can use the control stick to change their direction. Red Star

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