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Silver Diamond Get!

Luigi obtains a Silver Diamond.

Silver Diamonds are valuable treasures that appear in Luigi's Mansion, Luigi's Mansion 2, and Luigi's Mansion 3: The Room of DOOM!. Silver Diamonds can be found in green treasure chests that appear after sucking up an optional gallery ghost. Alongside these will be two Gold Bars. Silver Diamonds are worth 2,000,000G each.

Silver Diamonds are found differently in the PAL version of The Hidden Mansion. Speedy Spirits and Gold Mice can now drop Silver Diamonds after being sucked up with the Poltergust. In those versions, Luigi will need to collect as many Silver Diamonds as he can if he wants an A rank mansion, as the player will need to collect 150,000,000G in the PAL version for an A rank mansion, which is contrary to the requirement in the other versions, where the requirements are 100,000,000G. There are 5 Silver Diamonds that can be found in each games, totalling 10,000,000G. While the NTSC version has 5 Silver Diamonds, the PAL Hidden Mansion has 30, totalling 60,000,000G.